Small Things (like reality) Matter

So far, I’ve lived in three countries with different climates and natural environment. I grew up in the mountains (no, not Afghanistan), then moved to the other one and lived near the beach, and then the third one which is dry, not in the mountains, has a river but isn’t as humid as living by the sea.

Now, while growing up (until I was 20 and moved to another country), I always thought that one of the best things is when you walk in a hot afternoon, and then you see a tree and hide under its shade (well, that was also influenced by most of the local literature I would read). That was the most romantic thing I could imagine (yep, not all romantic things are about a dude next to you or things like that, life’s got other things too)…. until I moved to a humid climate by the sea.

Well, sure, it’s all romantic and cool living by the sea. That is, if the beach isn’t polluted, water isn’t all darkish (and so dangerous that even the local city council/municipality tells you not to get into it!), and the number of garbage doesn’t compete with the sand grains. Since the sea was romantic, I thought sitting under a palm would be as romantic as I was imagining being under a tree on a hot summer afternoon in a dry climate.

But the truth is, a hot summer afternoon in a dry climate is very different from the one in a humid climate. I can go ahead and stick to my romantic opinion. But the truth is, it wouldn’t apply to this reality. Well, I guess because as a matter of fact, there are palms by the beach and not trees.

But guess what. No-trees-by-the-beach doesn’t make my opinion wrong. It just doesn’t make sense in this context, but it’s still right in the other one.


pexels-photo-166055.jpegWhen you argue with reality, you lose — but only always.
— Byron Katie






Small Things Matter

The other day, I was walking to one of the many cafes to meet an acquaintance. While I was walking, there were a couple of personal thoughts bothering me. I have realized that in few areas of my life, same things keep happening to me. When I try to make meaningful relationships, I get to meet the people, yet I’m not able to make these relationships meaningful (no, I don’t mean like dating or love or romance, I just mean two people who share few things in common and like hanging out together to enjoy those things they share in common). Of course, just like anyone else, my first reaction was «Their fault!», but it took me too many disappointments to realize that there was a pattern that I was repeating. Anyway, so I was on my way to the cafe and thinking about all the times that have gone wrong. And I think to myself «Why? Why again and again?». And I enter this cafe called The Note. Well, it has reasons to be called The Note, because the notes were everywhere. Even in the toilet (yep!) and the ceiling. And when the waiter brings you the order, they give you a small note. Mine said «Your situation will keep repeating itself until you learn your lesson.» Well, I was of course «F***!»



Well, that was my «aha» moment. Can’t say I was thrilled to learn that I need to reflect and see what I did wrong. I’m too lazy for that. But hey, that’s the point, need to look back and reflect on things. Once in a while. Maybe when I’m done checking Facebook and other things. I’ll do it. For sure.

And then, I’ll open WordPress and start writing. Most probably.